KAi Series

KA600i / KA800i / KA1200i

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Combined with effective power systems, detail, intensity, razor, creating a wonderful space for entertainment sound.
Working in an ideal linear Class A output status to revive the warm tone of Class A amplifier.

Temperature gain as well as power clamp control technology, protects the high frequency driver from excess power without interrupting the performance.
The output with continuous load make the system more reliable. Continuous load is an important indicator of working in extremely highly loaded continuously.
Temperature compensation made it more reliability in case of long continuous work. The KAi Series is enough to meet every environment.

Light Volume Control technology, dramatically reducing the noise floor, make the sound wider and purer.
The noise floor is different from the signal to noise ratio, when you pursue a purer sound, wider frequency response range, any negative effects of the sound
quality will be minimized.

Key Features

  • Built-in DSP, with crossover, 8-band EQ, delay, limiter and other digital process module.
  • Loading preset through the LCD display on the front panel.
  • Including professional amplifier control software via USB link.
  • Advanced circuit protection design protects the DC from shock, short circuit, temperature of overheat, signal overload and internal components damage.
  • Safe and reliable power supply transformer.
Specifications (220v+)
Model KA600i KA800i KA1200i

Power Rating
8ΩStereo* 620w x 2 840w x 2 1350w x 2
4ΩStereo** 980w x 2 1400w x 2 2400w x 2
2ΩStereo** 1000w x 2 1600w x 2 2800w x 2
8ΩBridge-Mono** 2000w 2800w 4800w
4ΩBridge-Mono** 2500w 3200w 5600w

Product Dimensions(mm): 438x448x89 (2U) 438x493x89 (2U) 483x496x133 (3U)
Shipping Dimensions(mm): 595x565x170 (2U) 595x585x170 (2U) 595x585x210 (3U)
Net Weight(±2.5kg): 20.2 kg (44.53 lb) 25.6 kg (56.44 lb) 34.8 kg (76.72 lb)
Power Requirements: 6.5A Power Cable 13A Power Cable 20A Power Cable
AC220V/50Hz.±10% AC220V/50Hz.±10% AC220V/50Hz.±10%

Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz, ±0.5dB
Total harmonic distortion(THD): <0.06%
SNR: >80 dB
Damping: >200
Separation: >60 dB
Input Sensitivity: 0.775 v / 1.0 v / 1.4 v
Input impedance (balance / unbalance): 20k Ω / 10k Ω
Output Type: Class D™
Cooling: Proportional speed fan with front-to-rear airflow
Protection: Soft Boot. VHF. DC. Short. Overload
Distortion limiter. Overheat. Boot level Fade in

input connector XLR, one per channel
Link Connector: Loop-thru signal from input connector for
linking to another amplifier, one per channel
Output: Two speakon ® NLM4MP
Function: Panel lights: Signal, Clipped, Protection, Power indicator
LCD Screen: Presets/Level/Temperature/Protect Display

*The power is in accordance with the EIA standard.
**The power use a 40ms pulse 1kHz sinewave measured at 1% total harmonic distortion.